International Year of Soils 2015 SI

International Year of Soils 2015

Spanish philately is joining with the message of the United Nations, who declared 2015 the “International Year of Soils”. The image shows the contrast of fertile soil with the food produced from it and a forest full of plants, alongside cracked, barren soil resulting from the deterioration of the ecosystem. As a new feature, the stamp has several petunia seeds inside along with the slogan: “Renew the soil. Plant me”.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) is responsible for promoting the International Year of Soils, which is aimed at: raising awareness among society and governments of the importance of soil to human life; educating on the role that soil plays in food safety, the ecosystem and sustainable development; supporting efficient policies and actions aimed at protecting soils, and promoting investments to develop and maintain healthy soils.

Soil is the surface layer of the earth's crust that is considered to be productive. It is the medium in which plants establish themselves and grow, and its most important role is to produce food. Its composition is based on inorganic materials, such as sand, silt, or rocks, and organic materials, air, water and living organisms, which help determine the type of soil and its production. Soil is a not considered a renewable resource, as it may take over a thousand years to form just a centimetre of soil. 

At present, soils are in danger due to the expansion of cities, deforestation, pollution and climate change. Faced with this situation, the FAO warns of the need to adopt new measures regarding the world's surface area of arable land. If these new measures are not taken, we could run the risk of not being able to satisfy the food needs of future generations. 
Healthy soils are the basis for growing healthy food, fibres and medicinal products; however, they also sustain the planet's biodiversity, help fight climate change thanks to their role in the carbon cycle, and store and filter water, playing an important role in preventing droughts.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 26.06.2015
Process: Offset + semilla
Size: 35 x 24.35 mm
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