Euromed 2016 - Fish in the Mediterranean SI

Euromed 2016 - Fish in the Mediterranean

The Postal Union for the Mediterranean (PUMed), forms part of the Universal Postal Union, and marks the Mediterranean region as a political, economic and social area.

Members within PUMed have come together to develop projects that will help each postal operator keep up with the challenges of the market. PUMed was established in March 2011 with its headquarters in Malta.

PUMed will be issuing a joint stamp issue bearing a common theme 'Fish in the Mediterranean'.
Malta will be participating in this initiative through the issue of a stamp featuring a drawing of a 'Lampuka', designed by Richard J. Caruana.

'Lampuka' is the Maltese name for the Dorado Fish or the Dolphin Fish. The latter name was given to this fish due to its habit of leaping out of the sea like a dolphin. The 'Lampuka' visits the seas around the Maltese Islands between August and December. It is distinguished by its impressive colours and boasts a golden hue on its sides, and bright blues and greens on its back and sides. These colours however change once the fish is out of the water, going through different hues before finally fading to a yellow-grey colour. Males and females of the species are distinguished from each other through their forehead, since mature males own a prominent forehead that extends beyond their bodies, while females are usually smaller and with a rounded head. The 'Lampuka' is one of the fastest growing fish and can grow up to six feet in length and exceptionally can live up to five years. It is known to be a predatory fish that swims very close to the surface at high speeds. Although it is highly popular for consumption there are no major threats to this species.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 09.07.2016
Designer: Richard J Caruana
Process: Offset
Size: Stamp size;44mm x 31mm, Sheet size;108mm x 185mm
Values: 3.59€