Great Moments in French History SI

Great Moments in French History

The great moments of the history of France on the theme of the Renaissance will be honoring:  François I, at the camp du drap d'Or in 1520, where he met Henry VIII in order to rally to his cause against Charles V. On the stamp, and Catherine de Medici to date behind her, we see:

- Right: the column of the former Hotel de Soissons, which stood at about the location of the current scholarship commerce, in the district of Les Halles, this column is the last vestige still visible today.

- Left: 1 pavilion of the Tuileries, part of which was dismantled stone by stone. Numbered, and reassembled in Alata, Corsica, now is the castle of La Punta.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 06.06.2016
Designer: Louis Boursier
Illustrator: Louis Boursier (engraving)
Process: Taille-douce
Size: 143 x 105 mm
Values: 2.80€