Nature Reserves in Liechtenstein – Ruggeller Riet SI

Nature Reserves in Liechtenstein – Ruggeller Riet

The special stamp series on nature reserves in Liechtenstein is being expanded to include two designs of the Ruggeller Riet. Dietmar Walser took a photo of meadow bathed in the orange glow of the rising run. The photo of Xaver Roser shows a pond in the midst of a meadow reflecting the blue sky and white clouds. The two panoramic views of the “Meadow” and “Pond” were split down the middle to produce four stamps, each having a face value of CHF 1.00. Both designs are printed twice on an 8-stamp sheet. 

Spanning an area of around 90 hectares, the Ruggeller Riet Nature Reserve is a peatland in the northernmost region of Liechtenstein. Its rich variety of fauna and, in particular, flora makes it a fascinating region for nature-lovers. Fens, ponds and litter meadows provide an ideal habitat for a host of endangered species and plants. One main attraction of the recreational area is the spectacular blossom of the Siberian Iris in May and June which covers large areas of the nature reserve in a carpet of magnificent blue. Altogether Liechtenstein has ten nature reserves covering a total area of 176 hectares.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 06.06.2016
Designer: Dietmar Walser, Xaver Roser
Printer: Cartor Security Printing, Meaucé la Loupe
Process: Offset CMYK & Silver
Colours: 5 Colours
Size: 60 x 30 mm
Values: CHF 1.00