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The Azores - Certified by Nature SI

The Azores - Certified by Nature

The location and geographical features of the Azores Archipelago make each of the nine islands an open door to the world. The landscapes, the heritage, the experiences they offer, the people and the customs, the cuisine and the history itself are reasons to discover an unforgettable region.

In each island, the landscape is unique – but on all of them, the charm that allows any visitor to be transported to a magical and reinvigorating universe is plural. It is this nature that assumes a key role in the Azores, intended to be contemplated and experienced.

The volcanic origin of the islands is striking, interspersed with fresh streams and tranquil lakes, lofty mountains and sheer cliffs, caves, craters and volcanic cones, bubbling calderas and dew-covered forests... and green, an immense green blanket that contrasts with the black basalt rocks and beaches, the vividness of the flowers and the deep blue of the sea. 

On every island, there is a set of activities that deserve to be experienced. Walking is to travel between beech trees, heather, Japanese cedars or flowers that flow into craters bathed by lakes, on volcanic ridges or on secluded fajãs. Existing trails enchant those who walk and those who, cycling or horseback riding, are looking for new emotions, on the routes that have their own qualities and features for this purpose.
For those who prefer the sea, whale watching is an activity that has a true sanctuary on the Azores. From the gigantic sperm whale to the graceful dolphin, without forgetting the blue whale or the bottlenose dolphin, more than a third of cetacean species from all around the world pass through the sea around the Azores.

Those who choose diving find true treasures, which the crystal clear waters and their mild temperatures provide. In a constant state of wonder, the various types of diving range from in caves and archways in coastal areas, to ruined shipwrecks populated by groupers and amberjacks, in the secrets of the deep ocean and in unusual seamounts.

The sea also offers intense, tubular and challenging waves which break over the stony ocean floors of the islands – part of the goals of any travelling surfer, they are constant in the winter months. Surfing, SUP or Windsurfing are other experiences that the waves offer in these Atlantic seas.
The offer of beautiful itineraries to practice canyoning is abundant. Because São Miguel, São Jorge and Flores are located on the volcanic Mid-Atlantic Ridge, they have excellent conditions for this practice.

Due to the central position in the Atlantic, it is possible to observe birds of various migratory species which occasionally occur in the Azores through migratory deviations ca used mainly by bad weather. The sea birds that nest here and endemic species and subspecies can also be observed.
The Azores is a magical place, alive and safe, where the days are always new! 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 16.05.2016
Designer: Francisco Galamba
Printer: Cartor
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: Stamps: 40 x 30,6 mm Souvenir sheets: 125 x 95 mm
Values: €0.47, 0.75, 0.80, 1.00
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