Europa 2016 - Think Green SI

Europa 2016 - Think Green

Postal administrators around Europe have issued a joint-stamp issue with the theme 'Think Green' so as to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of EUROPA stamps. The theme is intended to express the world's aspiration for a better and cleaner environment.

The 0.59 stamp was designed by Cyprus Post. The design, which is the work of the artist Doxias Sergidou, was chosen among 24 other designs in a competition. She explains that her design intended to highlight the fact that ensuring a cleaner planet is a common responsibility and duty. 

The 2.19 stamp was designed by MaltaPost. The artist Sean Cini explained that his design was inspired by that of Cyprus Post and intended to transpose that message to a Maltese context highlighting the importance of engendering a 'green mentality'. The stamp features the Ta' Kola Windmill in XagGozo which was built around 1725. The windmill's name Ta' Kola comes from the last miller, who was popularly known as ¯eppu ta' Kola (Joseph, son of Nikola). 

EUROPA stamps are issued by European postal administrations and bear the official EUROPA logo

Since the first issue in 1956, EUROPA stamps have been a tangible symbol of Europe's aim for closer integration and cooperation. These stamps underline cooperation between European postal administrations and seek to promote philately. They also build awareness of the common goals, roots, culture and history of Europe.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 09.05.2016
Designer: Doxia Sergidou , Sean Cini
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: sheet, 158mmx150mm, stamps, 44mmx31mm
Values: 59c, €2.19