Pigeon Breeding SI

Pigeon Breeding

Romfilatelia, the specialized company in issuing and trading Romanian postage stamps, is releasing a new philatelic issue called Pigeon Breeding, to the joy of pigeon breeders and of the philatelists who are fond of this subject.

The pigeon is one of the first birds tamed by man. Old Greek and Egyptian sayings make reference to this bird. Besides, Noah has chosen the pigeon to find land during the Flood.

There are more than 300 pigeon breeds in the world and they are divided into three categories: fancy pigeons, meet pigeons and carrier pigeons.

The carrier pigeons are one of the oldest and the most appreciated category, known as traveler pigeons or messengers. 

Ever since the times of the Roman Empire the pigeons have been used for long distance communication. Over the centuries, they were used for other things too, and, in time, this thing determined the improvement of their qualities and performances. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, the carrier pigeon was included in military activities, being used in several missions during both World Wars.

Europe continues to be the continent where remarkable results have been achieved in breeding and improving the pigeon. The breeders from Belgium, Germany, Italy and France have turned the carrier pigeon into a real champion.

The pigeon has been used in Romania from the beginning of the 20th century and especially during the interwar period; at first, it was only being used by the army for transmitting messages and later on by the individuals. A real industry of breeding carrier pigeons has been initiated when they were brought from Belgium, France and Czechoslovakia. The pigeon breeders associations are organizing national and international contests where Romanian pigeons have won and are still winning front-rank places.

The philatelic issue consists of four postage stamps with the same face value of RON 2.50 and illustrate the following breeds:

- English Pouter;

- Parlor Rollers;

- Standard carrier;

- Andalusian.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 18.11.2005
Designer: Silvia Cumpata
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: Stamp size: 36 x 36 mm, Block size: 92 x 92 mm
Values: 2.50 Lei