Legendary F1 Drivers - Graham Hill SI

Legendary F1 Drivers - Graham Hill

Born in London in 1929, Graham Hill won the Formula 1 World Championship title in 1962 and 1968. Having also won the Indianapolis 500 in 1966 and the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 1972, he is the only driver in history to win the Triple Crown of Motorsport. For many years, he held the record for the number of Monaco Grand Prix victories (five). His record was broken in 1993 by Ayrton Senna, who, in a twist of fate, defeated Hill’s son, Damon, in the race. Graham Hill died in 1975 at the controls of his private aeroplane. 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 05.03.2015
Designer: Yves BEAUJARD
Process: 5 colour steel-engraving
Colours: 5 Colours
Size: 83 x 31 mm horizontal
Values: €0.95, €1.50