Battle of the Somme SI

Battle of the Somme

As part of a continuing commemoration of the 100th anniversary of World War I, Isle of Man Post Office looks to the Battle of the Somme for this issue.

The decision to beginning fighting on the Somme, taken for political reasons, saw fresh battle lines open in the battle of attrition which defined the Western Front. The furnace of war also forged massive and rapid change in military tactics, as depicted in the stamps from this issue.

The advent of tanks, heavy artillery and even chemical warfare are all marked, along with a tribute to those who were lost – ‘the missing of the Somme’.

The evocative images, demonstrating the fury of war, come chiefly from the Mary Evans Picture Library and the Robert Hunt Collection, while accompanying expert text has been penned by Matthew Richardson of Manx National Heritage.

This set is a highly collectable for anyone with an interest in World War I and all military history, as well as essential for those who already have earlier commemorative issues.

As with previous issues commemorating WWI, this issue is in support of the Royal British Legion, and is available is available as a set or in sheet format, in mint condition or cancelled to order (CTO), on a First Day Cover and in a Presentation Pack.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 17.04.2016
Designer: EJC Design
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 42.58 x 28.45mm