RAF Search and Rescue 75th Anniversary SI

RAF Search and Rescue 75th Anniversary

In 1940, during The Battle of Britain, the British found that they were unprepared for a battle over the sea. It was clear that a better equipped and dedicated service was needed to recover airmen who had ditched or parachuted into the water and return them to their squadrons. As a result, the Air Ministry formed the Directorate of Air Sea Rescue to coordinate rescue efforts. The Air Sea Rescue Service was officially founded in February 1941 and adopted the motto, ‘The sea shall not have them.’

Technical Details

Issue Date: 06.02.2016
Designer: Sharif Tarabay
Printer: Lowe-Martin, Canada
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: Stamp die size: 30mm deep x 40mm wide. Souvenir Sheetlet size: 98mm deep x 138m wide.
Values: 47p, 57p, 71p, 73p, 95p, £1.25