ATR 2015 SI

ATR 2015

These flowers are the Feierblumm (Red Poppy), the Karblumm (Cornflower), the Maargréitchen (Daisy) and the Dëschtel (Thistle). These flowers enrich Luxembourg’s countryside and contribute to its beauty and great biodiversity. Preserving these precious flowers is part, for all of us, of our responsibility to protect the environment.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 01.12.2015
Designer: Vidale & Gloesener (L)
Illustrator: Guy Hoffmann (L)
Printer: Bundesdruckerei GmbH (D)
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 30 x 25 mm, 100 selfadhesive stamps per roll
Values: 50g x 4