World Rugby Cup - France 2007 SI

World Rugby Cup - France 2007

Romfilatelia, the company specialized in editing and trading Romanian postage stamps introduces into circulation the philatelic issue World Rugby Cup - France 2007.

Henry Blaha, an important rugby supporter, would so beautifully describe rugby as "a guttersnipes game played by gentlemen...". More than anything, the cultural environment of the sport implies the fostering of the utmost human values: solidarity, loyalty, honesty, integrity, moral righteousness, courage, sense for justice and sacrifice. It is thus no wonder that the Rugby World Cup is said to be the third most important competition after the Olympic Games and the World Football Championship.

Between September 7th - October 20th the sixth edition of the World Rugby Cup will take place. It will be hosted by France together with Scotland and Wales. The Oaks - as the Romanian national team is commonly known - have a tough mission, having to face the powerful rugby union teams of Scotland, Italy, Portugal, as well as the everlasting favourite trophy winner, New Zealand in group C.

The World Cup qualification of the National Romanian Rugby Team does not take anyone by surprise because it has participated in every single edition of this important tournament ever since its set up in 1987. The Romanian Team has always failed to make it through the group phase but it has, on the other hand, always scored victory in every final tournament (except for the 1995 edition). In 1987, in New Zealand, Romanian beat Zimbabwe 21-20 while four years later, in France, they managed to beat the Fiji team 17-15.

In 1995 they did not score any victory but they were defeated closely by the host country team, South Africa that was to become the world champion after a dramatic game with New Zealand. In 1999, Romania beat the United States of America representative in Dublin while at the latest edition, in 2003, the Romanian national team achieved the most important victory in their history (37-7), when they defeated Namibia, in Launceston, Tasmania. Only 12 countries in the world, Romania included, are proud to claim constant participation in the world’s most important rugby event - the World Championship.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 25.09.2007
Designer: Razvan Popescu
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 48 x 33 mm
Values: 1.80LEI, 3.10LEI