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50 Years of the Hydrographic Institute SI

50 Years of the Hydrographic Institute

Created exactly 50 years ago, the Hydrographic Institute is the heir to the best Portuguese tradition in the field of Hydrography and Nautical Cartography. Its origins go back to the Portuguese Discoveries and its oldest predecessor was the Royal Naval, Military and Geographical Society for Drawing, Engraving and Printing of Geographical, Hydrographic and Military Charts, founded in 1798 by Queen Maria 1.

The Hydrographic Institute falls under the responsibility of the Portuguese Navy and is supervised by the National Minister of Defence in articulation with the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education. In addition to being the national authority for hydrographic cartography, the Institute is acknowledged as a State Laboratory and carries out extensive and diversified research, study and divulgation activities in the field of science and sea techniques, such as hydrography, hydrographic cartography, physical oceanography, chemistry and geology, having in view ship safety, applications in the military field,  contributing to the scientific development of the country and protection of the marine environment.

Just as the navigators in times past dared to challenge the Tenebrous Sea and, paraphrasing the poet Luís de Camões, “go beyond Taprobana”, the Hydrographic Institute faces the future with confidence and adapts to the new demands that Portugal poses, from its shores to the distant boundaries deemed to be linked to the future extension of the Continental Shelf.

The Hydrographic Institute was created by Decree law nr. 43177 of 22 September 1960. By evoking the passage of its 50 years of existence, the Hydrographic Institute could not forego thanking the Portuguese Postal Services, CTT, for joining this important event, thus acknowledging the contribution made to the country by this distinguished scientific institution. It is within this context that this issue made up of two stamps appears, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Hydrographic Institute and gathering in its composition varied motifs and graphical elements that constitute a reference of the Institute’s activities.


Vice-Admiral, José Augusto de Brito, Director General of the Hydrographic Institute

Technical Details

Issue Date: 22.09.2010
Designer: Atelier Acacio Santos / Helder Soares
Printer: CARTOR Security Printing
Size: 40 x 30,6 mm
Values: ?1,00, ?1,77
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