Victory and Liberation - Sir Winston Churchill SI

Victory and Liberation - Sir Winston Churchill

During the first year of World War Two, as western Europe fell to the forces of Nazi Germany and France became occupied, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill decided to demilitarise the Channel Islands to save them from destruction.

German troops arrived in Jersey on 1 July 1940 to take the surrender and the Channel Islands became the only part of the British Isles to be occupied during the Second World War. For the next five years, Channel Islanders lived under German rule. The Germans used thousands of slave labour workers from occupied territories and many tons of concrete to make the islands some of the most fortified places in Europe.


In 1944, following the Allied D-Day landings, as the area to the west of the Cherbourg Peninsular adjacent to the Islands became cut off, food became scarce and life on the Islands was very hard for Islanders and Germans alike. But the tide had turned; with the final surrender of German forces in Europe on 8 May 1945, Islanders gathered around previously forbidden radios to hear Churchill announce “…and our dear Channel Islands are also to be freed today”.


The following day, 9 May, Royal Navy ships HMS Beagle and HMS Bulldog arrived at the Channel Islands carrying a contingent of British troops, Force 135, who officially liberated the islands of Jersey and Guernsey. The troops made their way to the shore to be greeted by cheering crowds and the Union Flag was hoisted on the balcony of the Pomme D’or Hotel in St Helier. Five long years of occupation were finally over.


Six stamps portray key moments in Jersey’s five years of occupation and the ultimate victory of allied forces in Europe, which led to the Island’s joyous liberation on 9 May 1945.


A special intaglio Miniature Sheet has been created from an engraved portrait of Sir Winston Churchill, produced by acclaimed engraver, Martin Mörck exclusively for Jersey Post. The engraving is based upon a photograph by famous portrait photographer, Yousef Karsh, taken on 30 December 1941. 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 07.05.2015
Designer: Hat-Trick Design and master engraver, Martin Mörck.
Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: Stamp die size: 30mm x 40mmMiniature Sheet size 94mm x 131mm (Stamp within 72mm x 58mm)