Europa 2015 - Old Toys SI

Europa 2015 - Old Toys

Rare Moomin toys from 1950s


The EUROPA stamps released by European postal operators in 2015 take their theme from old toys. The two Finnish EUROPA stamp designs feature toys based on Tove Jansson's Moomin figures from the late 1950s. The two stamps by experienced stamp designer Klaus Welp showcase Hemulen's aunt, Moomintroll, Fillyjonk, Sniff, Stinky and Moominpappa. The Moomins also turn up in the Priority labels provided with the stamps.


The toys depicted on the stamps date back to the late 1950s and are the work of Atelier Fauni. Atelier Fauni was the first company to start the commercial production of Moomin toys. In its heyday it employed more than 150 people. Today, these handmade Moomin figures are highly desirable collectors' items that change hands for significant amounts of money.  The Moomins' popularity shows no signs of abating, with new Moomin themed toys attracting new friends the world over, year after year.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 08.05.2015
Designer: Klaus Welp
Colours: 4 Colours
Values: 2.20