Jersey Protected Species SI

Jersey Protected Species

Jersey is very proud of its rare and varied wildlife and certain species are protected by the Island’s Biodiversity Strategy. First published in the year 2000 by the States of Jersey Eco-Active department, the strategy was established after Jersey signed the International Convention on Biological Diversity at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. Now focussing on as many as 67 species of animals and plants in Jersey, the department aims to produce local action plans to protect those that are threatened. Six Post & Go stamp labels that will be overprinted with postage on demand feature some of the animal species protected by the Eco-Active campaign including the Puffin, Agile frog, Red squirrel, Green Lizard, Hedgehog, and Barn owl.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 18.02.2015
Designer: Andrew Beckett
Printer: Walsall Security Printers
Process: Value and location identifier printed in thermography within a Royal Mail Wincor Nixdorf Post & Go machine.
Colours: Four colour gravure in coil strips
Size: 25mm deep x 56mm wide