70th Birthday of Prince Hans-Adam II SI

70th Birthday of Prince Hans-Adam II

With a special block philately pays tribute to the 70th anniversary of Liechtenstein's head of state, Prince Hans-Adam II. Only in the color and the text is the mark which appeared in the November 2014 stamps for the 25th jubilee of the Regent. Crafted in a combination pressure offset steel engraving "70th Birthday Prince Hans-Adam II" appears in time for the 70th birthday of the Prince on February 14, 2015, and each includes two special stamps worth steps CHF 1.00 and CHF 2.00.
Prince Hans-Adam II, the eldest son of Prince Franz Josef II Of Liechtenstein and Princess Gina 1945 grew up with his four siblings at Vaduz Castle. The heir to the throne attended the University of St. Gallen to study business administration and economics, graduating in 1969 with a degree. After he had taken over the affairs of state from his father in 1984, he handed them over after 20 years of government activity, in turn, to his eldest son, Hereditary Prince Alois. Since then, the prince increasingly devoted time to managing the assets of the Princely House.
Black Print "70th Birthday Prince Hans-Adam II. "
Based on output policy of the Liechtenstein Post only stamp series issued as a black prints, which are manufactured in steel engraving / combination printing. After early as last November, the single brand. "25 Jubilee "has appeared as black print, is also the special block" 70th Birthday Prince Hans-Adam II. "Issued as an attractive black print.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 14.02.2015
Designer: Hans Peter Gassner, Vaduz, Inge Madlé
Printer: Royal J. Enschedé, Haarlem
Process: Offset Steel Engraving Combination Printing
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 42 x 30.45 mm