100 Years Ago: Beginning of World War One SI

100 Years Ago: Beginning of World War One

When, on 2 August 1914 World War One broke out in Europe, Luxembourg - which had previously remained neutral - became one of the fi rst victims of German military might. Although they had now occupied the territory, the invaders never interfered in the country‘s internal aff airs.

Artist Pierre Blanc captures the moment the fi rst incursions took place on an aquarell pen drawing. On 2 August 1914, the 29th infantry regiment stormed Luxembourg City.

The original Pierre Blanc can be found in the National museum of history and art in Luxembourg.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 23.09.2014
Designer: Pierre Blanc (L)
Printer: Bpost Stamps Factory, Malines (B)
Process: Multicoloured high resolution offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 27.66 x 40.20 mm
Values: €0.60