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800 Years of the Portuguese Notary Public Profession SI

800 Years of the Portuguese Notary Public Profession

In 2014, the Portuguese Notary Public profession celebrates eight centuries of existence. Almost contemporary to the foundation of Portugal, notarial practice is a witness to the life of the nation.

According to the work of Prof. Bernardo Sá Nogueira, entitled Portugaliae Tabellionum Instrumenta – Documentação Notarial Portuguesa 1214-1234 (Lisbon, Lisbon University History Center, 2005), the oldest document written by a Notary Public is dated 12 August, Tuesday, of 1214, drafted by Martim Martins, empowered to exercise his profession in Guimarães, (ANTT, Collegiate of Guimarães, bundle 6, no. 6).

The Notary Public has been a witness to the most important moments of the life of citizens, throughout the history of our country, notarising, certifying their veracity and legitimacy, building immutable and timeless memories.

Today, the Notary Public is a self-employed professional, trustee of the public faith, whose activity has the ultimate aim of social peace. The Portuguese Notary Public profession rises to the current challenges of speed, efficiency and rigour imposed by modern society by combining all its technical and legal know-how with the permanent technological and IT innovation in the legal field.

The Portuguese Notary Association, representative body of Portuguese Notaries Public, created on 6 March 2006, has the clear and ongoing aim of moving closer to citizens and companies, through the network of Notarial Offices throughout the country, guaranteeing the security of legal trading and the protection of citizens. The priority of this professional association is to provide solutions to the new social and economic dynamics, to which Notaries Public contribute through their specialised know-how, for the growth of Portuguese society.

Given the momentous historical moment that the Portuguese Notary Public profession is going through, the objective is to mark and commemorate this anniversary with a cycle of legal, social and cultural initiatives, to be undertaken over the course of the current year. Among the many highlights are the exhibition to the public of the oldest document written by a Portuguese Notary Public, the creation and projection of a film about the history of the Notary Public profession, from its beginnings until today, as well as the holding of the 3rd Congress of the Portuguese Notary Public profession, which includes both national and foreign speakers that will debate and call attention to current notarial topics, in Portugal and around the World.

Just as the History of Portugal has been marked by the insignia of Notaries Public, this stamp issue pays homage to this anniversary. The Portuguese stamp dedicated to this magna date will ensure that it lives on, timelessly and symbolically, in the collective imagination.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 06.03.2014
Designer: Helder Soares
Printer: INCM
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 40 x 30.6 mm
Values: €0.80
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