Ladybirds SI


For the past six years we have produced stamps which depict some of the fascinating invertebrates to be found in the tiny yet diverse island of Alderney.

The ladybird is the latest subject in our invertebrates series and, as with all our invertebrates issues, it has been beautifully illustrated against the landscape of Alderney by renowned artist Petula Stone.  Probably the most familiar of all beetles, there are over 5,000 species occurring worldwide. In Alderney, the familiar 7-spot is the most common, followed by the 2-spot and the Orange species.  Also found in the island but to a lesser degree is the Harlequin, which is a recent colonist originating from Asia.     

With very special thanks to Alderney Wildlife Trust for its assistance with this series

Technical Details

Issue Date: 12.02.2014
Designer: Petula Stone
Printer: BDT International
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 30.56mm deep x 38mm wide
Values: 40p, 53p, 55p, 63p, 71p, 79p