Europa 2016 - Think Green

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Europa 2016 - Think Green Set

Europa 2016 - Think Green

For the EUROPA 2016 issue, PostEurop organized a competition at post offices, won by Cyprus Post and artist Doxia Sergidou.Think Green! The initial idea of ​​the winning artist was to design a stamp with two sides, one side "polluted" and "green" side.

The left side of the stamp, symbolizing pollution is painted gray to show the enormous disaster caused by industries, motor vehicles, power generation and inefficient waste. It also shows how human activities affect the environment negatively.

On the right side of the stamp, the green side, the artist wanted to show how we can positively impact the environment by using renewable energy resources, when we act in a more environmentally friendly way and when we are aware of the environment.The effect will not only be positive for our generation, it will also help future generations to coexist in harmony.

The main purpose is to show that a greener nete pl is our responsibility. Thus, one hand on the top of the stamp replaces the gray color (environmental pollution) by a green (color of the environment, hope, etc.)This hand should be that of the artist, yours, that of all of us. This image can be an inspiration to us all, for a better world.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 21.05.2016
Designer: Création de Doxia Sergidou, mise en page de Stéphanie Ghinéa
Illustrator: Doxia Sergidou
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 40, 85 x 30
Values: 1.00€