Year Book 2016 (in English)

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Year Book 2016 (in English) Annual Product

Year Book 2016 (in English)


La Poste, the French postal service proudly closes its 2016 philatelicprogram with an exceptional publication! Let yourself be carriedaway by the history of French stamp-making in all its savoir-faire.Along the pages, discover the elegance, the refinement of Frenchstamps as well as the exceptional finesse of intaglio. A true homage to Art, Le Livre des Timbres 2016 gives pride ofplace to the works-of-art, the artists and the monuments whichgo down in History

The Year Book 2016 brings together all the stamps and blocks of the Philatelic Program 2016 collected in a crystal pouch. The stamps are organised individually in each of the transparent pockets by locations, each subject being illustrated and documented. A souvenir gift on gummed paper (item code 2516503) is offered in each book. 

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Issue Date: 05.12.2016