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Year Book 2015 Annual Product

Year Book 2015

A new issue of Swedish Stamps Narrate has arrived. Stamp and book enthusiasts alike are invited to read about interesting themes and exciting details. Many people love both stamps and books – making the Year Book twice the fun.

Swedish Stamps Narrate 2015 will be released on November 12 in conjunction with the last stamp issue of the year. Just under 90 pages packed with stamps, specially authored texts and select illustrations.

The book summarizes the 2015 stamp year, which offered a broad spectrum of themes, artistic interpretations and elegant typographi- cal solutions.

“Look closely at Jenny Mörtsell’s Swedish Pop Export stamps in which she and Gustav Mårtensson have together created a typo- graphical solution with Sweden’s name, Sverige, the name of the artists and the word BREV in bright red. It is an excellent example of 

how talented designers have successfully created an interplay between imagery and text,” says the editor of the Year Book, Mats Granlöf.

The reader also gets to meet a number of interesting people in their professional roles, both directly and indirectly. The Royal Couple can be found side-by-side Avicii and other pop stars, the actress Ingrid Bergman and the painter prince, Prince Eugen. Swedish Stamps Narrate – tradition, culture and art all at once.

“In several places in the book we have enlarged the engravings. A close look at these engravings and their details offers exciting insight into a fantastic form of art and the engraver’s skill at interpreting different materials. The reader can compare how the engraver uses the burin to recreate both the feeling of a tree as well as the luster of a silver object,” says Mats Granlöf. 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 12.11.2015