Volumes 1 & 2

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Volumes 1 & 2 Collectibles

Volumes 1 & 2

The Office des Timbres has published a book tracing the melodious history of some of the most beautiful pipe organs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with 12 exclusive postage stamps issued since 2006. Each stamp in this special book has been issued in a block of four and presented on a double page with a description of the organ, its stoplist, followed by a description of the specially selected and recorded repertoire.

The exclusivity of this book rests on the alliance between musical works and philately. The stylistic roots of all those instruments extend from baroque to neo-classical, and contemporary concepts. The 12 organs presented in this book were specially selected because of their highly individual character and the exceptional acoustics housing them. The book comes with two compact discs with an overall 131 minutes of music, highlighting the talent of organist Jean-Jacques Kasel.

A true collector’s item, this exceptional book dedicated to the great pipe organs of the Grand Duchy will thrill philatelists as well as music lovers who wish to be carried away by these melodies and sound colours , as to be left on a voyage of the senses.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 01.01.2012
Printer: Multicoloured high-resolution
Process: offset
Size: 40 x 31,5 mm
Values: 0,50? + 0,05?; 0,70? + 0,10?; 0,90? + 0,10?; 1,00?