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Year Book 2014- (Mint) Year Collections
Less text – more pictures. This was the idea behind the partial redesign of the year book. We have added a table of contents to help you find your favourite ar- ticles. What remains the same: the 2014 year book of Swiss stamps will take you on an interesting and col- ourful journey through the past philatelic year. Nature, technology and culture feature in a big way but in a miniature format. Cute wild animals, the Pila- tus railway, iconic village museums, rustic instru- ments and special athletes were just as much the focus of the stamps as the Far East and three Swiss cities.

And this year we have a special treat for you! The exclusive black print shows the three contiguous special stamps commemorating the Swiss National Park. The black print is available only in the year book.

The 2014 year book of Swiss stamps is an interesting and lavishly illustrated reference work with a wealth of colourful and fascinating information for both children and adults. 

Technical Details

Issue Date: 13.11.2014
Printer: Offset printing, multi-coloured
Process: Offset