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  • About Netherlands

    The first stamps of the Netherlands were issued in 1852 and depicted King William III. During the Second World War the Netherlands were occupied by Germany. Stamp issues continued and a number of semi-postal stamps were issued. The Netherlands were liberated on 5 May 1945. The previous stamps continued in use until a new series was introduced on 1 April 1946. This series contained stamps originally issued by the Netherlands Government in Exile in ...(read more)

  • Netherlands Bestsellers

    • Kinderpostzegels 2016 Kinderpostzegels 2016
    • Mozart in The Netherlands 1765-1766 Mozart in The Netherlands 1765-1766
    • Special Presentation Pack - Flowers and Butterflies Special Presentation Pack - Flowers and Butterflies
    • Personalised Sheet - Spitfire Personalised Sheet - Spitfire
  • Netherlands Latest Issues

    • Summer Birds Summer Birds
    • Special PostEurop Castles Folder Special PostEurop Castles Folder
    • Endangered Mammals Endangered Mammals
    • Giant Pandas Giant Pandas
  • Netherlands Annual Products

    • Year Book 2016 Year Book 2016
    • Year Pack 2016 Year Pack 2016