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  • About Austria

    A landlocked central-European, mountainous country with an Alpine climate, the Republic of Austria can boast of a rich and grand history of more than a thousand years in it’s many forms, from a Duchy in the 1100s to a vast Empire in the 1800s and presently a modern federal republic.

    With an area of over 80,000 square kilometres divided into nine states and a population of 8.5 million, Austria can boast ...(read more)

  • Austria Bestsellers

    • Europa 2014 - Zither Europa 2014 - Zither
    • 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Charlie Chaplin 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Charlie Chaplin
    • The Viennese Double-Bass The Viennese Double-Bass
    • 30th Vienna City Marathon 30th Vienna City Marathon
  • Austria Latest Issues

    • Austrian Wine Regions - Vienna Austrian Wine Regions - Vienna
    • Typewriter- Peter Mitterhofer Typewriter- Peter Mitterhofer
    • Falco's 60th Birthday Falco's 60th Birthday
    • Birthday Party Birthday Party
  • Austria Annual Products

    • Year Book 2016 Year Book 2016
    • Year Pack 2016 Year Pack 2016
    • Year Pack 2015 Year Pack 2015
    • Year Book 2014 Year Book 2014